Start accepting payments with HubSpot forms

DepositFix helps you accept payments with your HubSpot forms by integrating Stripe and PayPal
Stripe & PayPal
DepositFix helps you integrate your HubSpot with Stripe and PayPal allowing you to accept payments through HubSpot.
Click, click, done. That's how quick and easy it is to integrate your Stripe account with HubSpot using DepositFix.
Bank Level Security
Your revenue is safe with us. Each month, we secure $1,000,000+ in transactions from some of most respected companies.

DespositFix was so easy to use. I love it is built on a HubSpot form and is embedded in our website not having our customers have to jump off our site. The DepositFix service team is the best I have ever worked with. Responsive, helpful, and honest - what more could you ask for?

Michelle Bennett
Niagara Institute

What is DepositFix?

Accept Payments with HubSpot Forms

DepositFix dynamically adds payment fields to your HubSpot forms.Payment information goes to Stripe and other user data is sent to HubSpot at a single click.

Automatically Update Contact Fields

DepositFix adds new contact fields to HubSpot, so you can search and segment your contacts by a product they purchased, sales date, transaction amount and others.

See Transactions in the Timeline

Stay informed about any payment events with the help of automatic timeline updates.

Setup Post-Payment Workflows

Send personalized emails after the payment: receipts, cross-sells/upsells, post-purchase follow ups, product review requests, etc.

CRM Extension

Stripe CRM extension shows all past payments and subscriptions from Stripe for a relevant contact. It's easy to refund transactions and cancel payments without leaving HubSpot CRM.

Other Features

Stripe Subscriptions, dynamic amount or recurring plan specified by your customers.

DepositFix was the only game in town, and given HubSpot will not embrace e-commerce, we had to find a company that could install a credit card form on a HubSpot form. This worked 100% of the time. And when we tried to experiment with multiple payments, and subscriptions, their staff worked with us and helped write some code. They never charged extra for that. They were crucial to our business.

We use DepositFix to take Stripe payments on HubSpot forms. We have a formal application, which participants fill out. When they get to the bottom of our form they see the DepositFix credit card application form. This allows participants to apply and pay all at the same time.

Randy LeGrant

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