What's new in DepositFix

November 2018 Updates

- Set contact direct billing property URL instead of redirection one. - Currency is parsed from PayPal's webhook and it'll be the same as provided in the DepositFix form currency parameter. - PayPal recovery mechanism to take payer's email as fallback in case form's email wasn't submitted correctly or validation was broken. - Pagination added to Contacts page. - Pagination added to Sale Transactions page. - Added payment processor information (Stripe / PayPal) on HubSpot timeline event data. - Added payment type information (Test / Live) on HubSpot timeline event data. - Automatic import of all Stripe Customers, even the ones created before integrating with DepositFix application. - Automatically re-run failed transactions. - Billing profile page for updating customer's credit card details. - Improving the performance of Contacts updating.