Sell event tickets with HubSpot + DepositFix

DepositFix helps you to collect registration payments with your HubSpot forms by integrating Stripe and PayPal
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All you nee to handle event registrations and payments with HubSpot

Event registration and payment on the same form

DepositFix dynamically adds payment fields to your HubSpot forms. Payment information goes to Stripe and other user data is sent to HubSpot at a single click.

Automatically Update Contact Fields

DepositFix adds new contact fields to HubSpot, so you can search and segment your contacts by a ticket type they purchased, sales date, transaction amount and others.

DepositFix helped us to streamline our registration process and store all of our information in one location. We were able to eliminate other platforms, reduce costs and save hours of data entry.

Courtney Tatum-Wallace
Influence Group

Register multiple guests on the same form

Submit multiple contacts to HubSpot from the same form.

Send Confirmation emails using HubSpot Workflows

Send personalized emails after the payment: receipts, cross-sells/upsells, post-purchase follow ups, product review requests, etc.

Change the price automatically based on a day

Have early bird and late registration fees? No problem, you can list all prices with the dates thta will change automatically
$299 - Early Bird Registration (before September)
$399 - Regular Registration (before October)
$499 - Late Registration

Other Features

Learn how Abundance 360 team is using DepositFix to sell membership of Peter Diamandis' mastermind group.