#09 Setting redirects for HubSpot/DepositFix forms

You can set where the form redirects to after each payment by adjusting the settings in HubSpot

Setting the redirect after a payment

Where the form redirects after a payment is set inside HubSpot. You will need to open and adjust the settings of the HubSpot form you're using in the DepositFix form. When adjusting the setting, you'll be able to either show a thank you note or to point users to specific landing page. The purpose of redirecting after a payment is to provide additional information about the product or next steps.

The difference between HubSpot and DepositFix forms

Even after connecting DepositFix, your HubSpot forms won't change or contain payment options. Instead, we let you create new, separate DepositFix forms where you're able to choose an existing HubSpot form and attach payment information to it. When you embed the DepositFix form to your website, your customers will be able to submit payments.

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