When you need
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and customization beyond native HubSpot payments.
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HubSpot has their own payments solution, but when would you use DepositFix over HubSpot payments?

When you already use Stripe and want to keep all existing customers credit cards and subscriptions.
When need to use any other Stripe integrated tools
We even provide migration service and can import all of your historical transactions from
You also want to provide additional payment options: PayPal, Google/Apple Pay.
You are outside of United States (HubSpot Payments currently only available in US)
You are a non-profit organization and need to accept donations.
Need a self-serve billing portal for your customers to track their payments, change subscriptions and update credit cards.
Need to take discount codes
Need to automatically add sales tax based on the customer location
Need more customization around the styling and dynamic pricing changes on your payment forms.
Need to create complex HubSpot workflows triggered by payments - to send custom receipts, update CRM data or integrate with other systems
Membership that works outside of HubSpot CMS
Need ability to charge customers later – either manually via CRM extension or automatically Workflow actions.
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