From Great to Elite Summit

A 2-day online event for established, high growth coaching businesses that have outgrown marketing challenges and are now dealing with growth pains and operational inefficiencies that hinder profitability and growth.
April 26-27, 2023
"More companies die of indigestion than starvation." - Andy Grove
Operational inefficiencies hinder your profitability and growth.

We’ve curated 20+ speakers to share actionable strategies designed to help you unlock the next stage of your growth.

From Great to Elite: For The Top 1%

A 2-day value packed online summit designed to help COO’s, CEO's, Coaches and Chief Scaling Officers to:
Unlock the next stage of growth
Streamline operational inefficiencies
Boost profitability
Prepare internal systems and processes for scale

Great→Elite Summit

A 2-day online event for COO’s of high growth coaching businesses that have cracked the marketing code and are dealing with operational inefficiencies that hinder profitability and growth.
26-27, 2023
9am-5pm CT
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Who should register

For coaching companies that cracked the marketing code start dealing with operational challenges.
CEO Coaches


2x Cash Flow
3x Industry Average Profitability
10x Valuation


Reduce by 80% the time it takes to manage the business.


Speed the process and take the load off the leadership team.


Day 1
10:00 AM:
How To Automate Your Client Acquisition and Conversion
10:30 AM:
Payment Gateways Risks
11:00 AM:
Top 5 Strategies for Coaches to Save $$$ on Taxes
11:30 AM:
Book Publishing - The 3 Keys to Get Your Book Written & Published Fast
12:00 PM:
The Ops Blueprint: Streamlining Your Processes and Documenting Your Data for Easy Handoff
12:30 PM:
Fix These 4 Leaks in Your Funnel to Maximize Marketing Performance
1:00 PM:
Legal Essentials for Coaching Businesses
1:30 PM:
Building an Ecosystem of Tech to Actually Carry Your Business
2:00 PM:
The Step-by-Step Formula on How to Build Business Credit
2:30 PM:
Are You Making Expensive Legal Mistakes as You Scale?
3:00 PM:
Designing an Onboarding Process That Sets Your Clients Up For Success and Allows You to Scale
3:30 PM:
Is My Headcount Too High? Using Financials to Make Smart Staffing Decisions
4:00 PM:
Profit Flow - Master Your Control of (and ROI From) the Three Most Important Resources You Have
4:30 PM:
The Automated Impact Coach
Day 2
9:00 AM:
Modular Team Building
9:10 AM:
How Highly Paid Info Business Owners Can Pay Zero Taxes By Living Overseas
9:20 AM:
Cultivate a High-Performance Team Built on Trust
9:30 AM:
Maximizing Profits with Marketing Automation
9:40 AM:
Scaling Your Payment Operations
9:50 AM:
Projecting Cashflow
10:00 AM:
Coaching and Automations in the Digital Hybrid Age
10:30 AM:
High Touch Coaching in a High Tech World
11:00 AM:
Productization of your coaching practice
11:30 AM:
How we scaled an offer from 10k/month up to $3M
12:00 PM:
How to design a business that runs itself
12:30 PM:
The ASCEND Method™: Transforming Busy to Productivity
1:00 PM:
How we've scaled to $1m+ using social media, events, webinars
1:30 PM:
Everything you need to know to run a coaching business, legally
2:00 PM:
Optimizing Leader Mindsets
2:30 PM:
Money Mastery in Business
3:00 PM:
Automation to Operationalize Best Processes & People
3:30 PM:
The 7 Laws of Abundance: A scientific Approach to Experiencing More Opportunity, Success, Freedom


Denis Lunev
Jake Alexander
Action Accounting
Tunji Olujimi
Book Publishing Coach
Accelerated Authors Academy
Jennie Lakenan
Jennie Lakenan
Timothy Ito
Co-Owner, Principal
Marketing Nice Guys
Alyce Zawacki
Founding Attorney
Alyce Zawacki Law
Ariana Rodriguez
Ariana Rodriguez & Co
Ty Crandall
Credit Suite
Autumn Witt Boyd
Founder & Attorney
AWB Firm
Megan Huber
Client Fulfillment and Retention Strategist
Structured Freedom
Emily Sandberg
Cash Flow Coaches
Jos Willard
Profit for Coaches
Alexander Morris
To The Moon Digital
Ashley Cox, PHR, SHRM-CP
Founder & CEO
Alina Dykuha
Head of Digital Marketing
Michael Tenzer
CEO and Co-Founder
Glen Oliveiro
Founder / CEO
Alina Trigubenko
CEO & Founder
Eddie Maalouf
4Media Marketing
Brad Blazar
Capital School
Elisabeth W Galperin
Business Productivity Coach
Peak Productivity
Adrienne Dorison
CEO + Co-Founder
Run Like Clockwork
Wesley Henderson
Drafted Legal
Deidre Alves M.Ed.
Chief Leadership Officer
Chelsea M. Williams
Money Mastery
Jennelle McGrath
Market Veep
Travis Ala
Elevated Formula
Mikkel Thorup
John Lonergan
Shawn Quintero
CEO, Founder
HeyShawnQ Coaching & Consulting

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