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Our organization has been a long-time user of HubSpot. As we ramped up growth and started to onboard customers on a daily basis, we developed a need to be able for our service team to track whether or not the sales team was able to process payments from our customers before delivering the services our customers signed up for. DepositFix solved this problem.

DepositFix's solution enabled our Service Team to determine whether or not a payment was processed within the HubSpot contact record. DepositFix also provided an intuitive solution for our team to create custom payment forms using HubSpot. Denis Lunev, the founder of DepositFix with extremely hands-on during the initial implementation. The team at DepositFix is also very responsive. I'd highly recommend DepostiFix to teams looking for a one-stop solution for custom payment forms and payment tracking within HubSpot.

CEO and Co-Founder
LegalTech Startup