Take Offline Payments and Sync Transactions to the CRM

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Online payments are easy to work with online, but what about payments taked with a terminal? You can sync that too now!

Generate PDFs based on HubSpot contact information.

Ever wanted to generate PDF documents based on HubSpot contact information? Directly within HubSpot, without Zapier or Google Docs.

How to create and customize the PDF template in HubSpot?

To create a PDF template, you need to create a document template via Landing Page tool or any other website builder, then match the contact property with a valid internal value in HubSpot (for example, company size). 

The PDF layout is based on the layout of a HubSpot landing page, so you have full control over the PDF design.

What HubSpot fields can be used?

Any fields from the contact or other associated records. Here is a video on how to find internal property names.

What type of PDF documents can be generated in HubSpot?

  • Certificates
  • Receipts
  • Personalized Quotes
  • Reports
  • Invoices
  • Contracts
  • Tickets
  • Any other type of documents

Start generating PDF documents with your HubSpot data automatically!

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