HubSpot + Stripe

Accept payments using your HubSpot forms and run marketing campaigns based on purchases.

Also works with PayPal

How It Works

Accept Payments with HubSpot Forms

DepositFix dynamically ads payment fields to your HubSpot forms.

Payment information goes to Stripe and other user data is sent to HubSpot at a single click.
“The support of DepositFix was awesome and this really worked just as easy as it sounded like it would.”
Stephanie Mondeau, Lake Trust Credit Union

Automatically Update Contact Fields

DepositFix adds new contact fields to HubSpot, so you can search and segment your contacts by a product they purchased, sales date, transaction amount and others.
“DepositFix saved us many hours of development time when we transitioned to the Hubspot website platform.
Our non-profit organization can easily track online donations right in Hubspot, send follow-up emails for successful or failed payments, and create payment forms with custom metadata fields.”
Hannah Christensen, Union Gospel Mission

See Transactions in the Timeline

Stay informed about any payment events with the help of automatic timeline updates.

Setup Post-Payment Workflows

Send personalized emails after the payment: receipts, cross-sells/upsells, post-purchase follow ups, product review requests, etc.

CRM Extension

Stripe CRM extension shows all past payments and subscriptions from Stripe for a relevant contact.

It's easy to refund transactions and cancel payments without leaving HubSpot CRM.

Other Features

Stripe Subscriptions, dynamic amount or recurring plan specified by your customers.


How to connect DepositFix to my HubSpot account?
It's just 2 clicks: connect HubSpot and Stripe, everything else is done for you automatically. You can find more details on the Setup Instructions page.
What happens to the payment data if I cancel DepositFix subscription?
All of your data stays in HubSpot, you'll still be able to search and segment by the payment history.
What about security?
We provide bank level security so you don't have to worry about it – full SSL encryption and PCI compliance.
No credit card information is stored in HubSpot or DepositFix. More Details
What if I need a custom payment form design?
Just contact us and we will make it happen.