DepositFix Step-by-step: HubSpot Payment Integration

DepositFix Step-by-step: HubSpot Payment Integration

Learn how DepositFix can help you streamline your payment workflow

What does DepositFix do?

DepositFix is a payment add-on that allows you to connect HubSpot to Stripe or PayPal. We do this by turning HubSpot forms into payment forms. With each form submission, payment information gets sent both to HubSpot and Stripe/PayPal. In HubSpot, the payment gets logged as a timeline event as well as on the contact properties. Optionally, you can also create a deal after each payment and then run revenue reports in HubSpot. Finally, you can use the DepositFix integration to trigger HubSpot workflows  and send automated payment confirmation emails.

Who is DepositFix for?

Our users are mostly non-profits, marketing agencies, or companies offering online courses and events. All of our users are running on HubSpot and have turned to DepositFix to receive payments online. Now that might seem simple enough, but without DepositFix it can actually get really complicated.

What problems does DepositFix solve?

Say you're using Stripe and want to put a payment form on your website. You could do this using Stripe's native payment forms, but that requires basic coding skills. If that's too complicated, you could hire (and pay) a developer to custom code a form for you.

But there's one challenge - even if you manage to get the payment form live and your website visitors start making payments, that information will remain locked away in Stripe or PayPal. Every time you wanted to check who purchased what and when, you would need to manually copy the data between HubSpot and Stripe/PayPal. You could use a service like Zapier to automate this, but that would requires constant maintenance to make sure nothing breaks.

You won't have any of these problems with DepositFix. We make sure all your payment data is synced between Stripe or PayPal and HubSpot. Our solution saves you and your team a lot of manual work, gives you better visibility into your revenue stream and most importantly, does not require any custom development work or complicated automation tools. With DepositFix, all you have to do is connect HubSpot and Stripe/PayPal to start receiving payments.

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