$190 per month

For the first $50,000/m of revenue

$50 for each additional $50,000/m

Here’s what you’ll get:

Personalized Onboarding

Form customization

Unlimited subscriptions

Multi-currency support

Online donations

HubSpot CRM extension

“The support of DepositFix was awesome and this really worked just as easy as it sounded like it would.”

Stephanie Mondeau,

Lake Trust Credit Union

With a DepositFix subscription, you can get the following professional services from us at no additional cost: 

  • Development of custom payment forms and styling it to match your brand.
  • Setting up of HubSpot post-payment workflows    
  • Setting up of a "thank you" page and receipt email in HubSpot  

Examples of custom forms

Multiple product selection

Multiple products on one form 

Subscription + one time payment on the same form

Subscription + one-time payment

Quantity selection

Styling based on your website branding

DepositFix is securing 

 $1,000,000+ in monthly transactions

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