What our clients say

Before we found DepositFix it looked like we might have to write our own payment plugin for HubSpot, which was going to be a lot of extra work.

The first year of using DepositFix, we saw a 17% increase in donation revenue over the previous year.

The donation experience was so much better that more and more people were donating. It was very encouraging for us.

Union Gospel Mission

Our organization has been a long-time user of HubSpot. As we ramped up growth and started to onboard customers on a daily basis, we developed a need to be able for our service team to track whether or not the sales team was able to process payments from our customers before delivering the services our customers signed up for. DepositFix solved this problem.

DepositFix's solution enabled our Service Team to determine whether or not a payment was processed within the HubSpot contact record. DepositFix also provided an intuitive solution for our team to create custom payment forms using HubSpot. Denis Lunev, the founder of DepositFix with extremely hands-on during the initial implementation. The team at DepositFix is also very responsive. I'd highly recommend DepostiFix to teams looking for a one-stop solution for custom payment forms and payment tracking within HubSpot.

CEO and Co-Founder
LegalTech Startup

It's a perfect solution for integrating payment with HubSpot, and then being able to build automation around those actions.

Christine Whittemore
Simple Marketing Now

Very simple integration (even for a non-developer!). Top class support from the team.

Stripe is a very popular and well-known service, especially important for startups so we can start accepting payments quickly. DepositFix made this task super simple for us!

Mayank Mathur
Urban Collective

I had a great experience with the gentleman I worked with on starting our subscription. The team was responsive to our agency partner and did a great job ensuring our deadline to go live was met and we didn’t have any issues on the day of our event even though it was a holiday!!

Heather Jenkins
Clevens Face & Body Specialists

Extremely easy to integrate and work on.

Siddharth Karulkar
Walters Gilbreath, PLLC


There was no integration with HubSpot for payment activity, we were constantly watching PayPal account to know when a donation had been made and then log it to the donor’s account. 

The result was a time-consuming process in which a significant number of hours were spent checking and managing payment information, and fundraising efforts lacked the core data needed to inform who had donated, who had visited key landing pages and when those actions occurred. 


Online payments volume was just 10% of total payments in 2017 - the rest were handled manually. In 2019, after implementing DepositFix, that number jumped to 53%.

I can’t imagine running organization without DepositFix. They treat us like royalty - it’s so easy to bring a question about whether something can be done and they come up with a logical solution that helps us grow the organization.

Christine Whittemore

With the transition from our old system to DepositFix, we saw a noticeable increase in the number of students that enrolled in our course due to a more streamlined buying process using their forms.

With everything now in HubSpot, tracking new enrollments have become hassle-free.

Donnie Lee

DepositFix helped us to streamline our registration process and store all of our information in one location. We were able to eliminate other platforms, reduce costs and save hours of data entry.

Courtney Tatum-Wallace
Influence Group

The support of DepositFix was awesome and this really worked just as easy as it sounded like it would.

Stephanie Mondeau
Lake Trust Credit Union

Dealing with DepositFix has been a great experience thus far!

A past colleague had brought the system into our company to increase sales especially when the office was closed or for ease of clients simply paying online rather than contacting a sales member.

Once the colleague who introduced this to us had left the company, I stepped in to be the contact. With very little knowledge on how it all worked, I really relied on the customer service team (especially Denis) for support.

It’s been so great having all questions answered and advice given to better our processes. Thank you for always been so helpful and attentive!

Kaitlin Jones
Sydney Harbour Escapes

DepositFix is a HubSpot partner, that was a big deal for us, so anyone that submits a form gets submitted to HubSpot right away – and then from there we contribute our workflow to send out a thank you email; and then we have them in a list for further nurturing down the road.

Leighton Interactive

We sell Dental CE webinars. DepositFix made setting up online payments with Stripe on our website easy. Code is generated for us. We can set-up workflows to integrate our regular HubSpot registration form with the payment form, our zoom webinars, and automate email receipts quickly and easily. The main thing we like about DeopositFix is there is no coding skills required, easy straight forward interface, great support for questions and walking through how to set things up.

Liz Holtz
Catapult Education

We are so happy with DepositFix! Our classes are selling out and the number of no-shows has decreased because they have to pay in advance now. Thank you!


As preferred online bookkeeping firm for entrepreneurs, our customers expect their interaction with us to be simple and seamless. Reconciled It needed a simple way to accept payments within our existing process for our new Marketing Campaign.

DepositFix dynamically adds payment fields to our existing HubSpot forms and integrates with our Stripe account. We can now accept payment information within our existing process for tracking our customers

Michael Ly
Reconciled It

We have been doing this event for years. Our normal renewal rate for the event was about 65%, now it increased to 80%! I think it’s because of the ease people being able to renew their membership.

Abundance 360

We are a nonprofit and needed a payment system that was simple, affordable, customizable, integrates with our CRM (HubSpot), and customer service since we always have questions since we have no tech people! We went through several years of using different software until we found DepositFix!!

Perfectly meets our needs! So easy to use! Simple and seamless integration with Hubspot!

The DepositFix Team answers all our questions, makes any customizations needed.. even on weekends! DepositFix makes it so easy for our customers and our staff - which allows us more time to focus on our mission rather than technical headaches!

We are so thankful for finding DepositFix. Our only regret is not finding DepositFix earlier!

Erik Fogel
New York City Urban Debate League

Both Denis and Paul of DepositFix addressed our questions quickly and effectively. I feel extremely at ease navigating through HubSpot and DepositFix with the tremendous support they provided us.

Whether it was hopping on a quick call or sharing screens, there is nothing they won't do to give their clients a great customer experience. Thank you.


Very quick and easy integration. Denis took care of everything for use, with no hassle.

Nate Warnecke
Now Marketing Group