What's new in the DepositFix product?

Automatic Tax Calculation

With DepositFix, you can now calculate sales tax dynamically, based on location. You can use this feature to determine whether your customers should be charged a tax or not, and how much. DepositFix takes care of that for you automatically, using our integration with TaxJar, the form will automatically check the location (this works for all countries), and determine the tax amount accordingly.

Separate Payment Fields

You can now further customize your payment process and show separate fields for the card number, expiry date, and CVC. You can do that by adding the following line of code to your embed code: settings: { stripeSplitElements: true }

Switch to Test Mode from URL

You can now test your live forms on your landing page itself, without having to switch your environment or re-connect your stripe accounts by using a URL query parameter. This is particularly good if you're looking to test a new change, or debug an issue with your live page, or test the full customer experience. In order to do this, you need to simply add "?df-test=true" at the end of your page URL

Deals Creation

In HubSpot, a deal represents an ongoing transaction that a sales team is pursuing with a contact or company. Depositfix lets you create deals automatically with every transaction. Once you've enabled deals creation, a deal will be created in HubSpot automatically every time the form is submitted and a successful transaction is made, the deal will be associated with HubSpot Contact that specified on submitted form (using the email field).

Clone Forms

You can now build form templates, or clone forms to avoid building the same forms over and over again, and also to eliminate the possibility of any errors while building them. The clone form feature saves you a lot of time and effort and ensures that your forms are cloned correctly. To clone a form, locate the form you would like to copy in your dashboard, and simply click on "Clone". The new form will copy all the settings from the original form, including the HubSpot Form, product names and types, prices, and callbacks, styles, as well.

Default Recurring Option - Donation

When creating a donation product, you have the option to select the default recurring option (i.e one time, or monthly). The default option will be pre-selected when the form loads, making it easier for you and your customers to process donations. This feature will only work for Donation products, where "Donation" is selected as the payment type.

Pre-defined donation amounts

- With this new update, you can now set up pre-defined donation amounts in your form, so it's even easier for your customers to complete. - You can create up to 6 quick gift buttons as you want, with different amounts. And you can also set a default button, so it's selected automatically if no amount is selected.

Enhanced Billing Profile

- With the new billing profile features, the billing profile page can be more personalized with your company name and logo. - For recurring subscriptions, your customers are now able to cancel their subscriptions anytime. From their billing profile, they will be able to see a list of their recurring subscriptions and cancel them accordingly (this is only available if the "Allow to cancel subscriptions" option is ON).

Button submit text option added on Form Builder

You can now change the text on the form submit button, right from the DepositFix form builder, simply write the text in the "Pay Button Text" field, and you should be able to see the changes immediately.

Moving donation amount to the top of the form

You can choose where to show the amount field on your form, with our new "Put donation field on top" option. When checked, this option will move your donation amount field to the top of the form. *(this will only work for donation forms when donation is selected as the product type)*

Allow to cover processing fees

You can also add the option for donors to cover the processing fees of their donation when you check "Ask to cover processing fees" in the DepositFix form builder. *(This is only available for Donation when Donation is selected as the product type)*

Addon and quantity implementation

- Say you want to allow your customers to change the quantity of the product they would like to purchase, you can do that within the form builder by checking "Allow to change quantity". - This can now be used in conjunction with addons, where you're able to select an addon to be added with a specific product, you can also change the quantity of this addon.

Addon and No Payment products implementation

- If you're offering a core service at no cost (i.e a free consultation session), but you still want to capture the information of your customers, you can use the "No Payment" product type from the DepositFix form builder.

Addon implemented for Subscription products

If you want to offer a recurring "bonus" service, to be selected as an addon to the main service or product, you can now do that within the DepositFix form builder. Simply, create a new subscription product, and check "Addon".

Stripe plans in Workflow Webhook Builder

When building a webhook, you can refer to a specific stripe plan immediately, using the "Stripe plan ID" dropdown.

Inherit CSS styles from HubSpot

Now, you have the ability to inherit the original HubSpot CSS styles on your DepositFix form. Form the DepositFix builder, click on "Advanced Options", and check "Apply original Hubspot form styles".

SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) Regulation

On Saturday, September 14, 2019, the new requirements for online payment authentication went live in Europe.DepositFix clients don’t need to add any authentication steps to their payment flows, because we’ve already done it for you. All DepositFix accounts are now SCA compliant. More details here: https://www.depositfix.com/blog/sca

June 2019 Updates

- Search possibility in Stripe Plans and HubSpot forms dropdown in the Form Builder. - Other Form Builder updates

May 2019 Updates

- Discount text fixed on Sale Transaction detail page for both fixed and percent discounts. - Updating HubSpot Contact df_discount property after Stripe Coupon has been applied on Subscription payment. - Calculating tax for Single Payment. - Fixing different amounts on Stripe dashboard and HubSpot timeline event in case of decimals rounding. - Amount rounding half up set on HubSpot contact 'df_all_payments' and 'df_outstanding_amount' properties.

April 2019 Updates

- Updating Charge's and Invoice's metadata from Customer's metadata. - Rounding Stripe Plan amount to 2 decimals in the dropdown description. - Removing Stripe Plan amount zero decimals in the dropdown description. - Adding all Stripe currencies to pages where currency dropdown is included (Form, Form Builder, Webhook Builder, CRM extension for Single Payment).

March 2019 Updates

- Webhook Builder release - charge existing customers via HubSpot workflows: https://help.depositfix.com/article/show/72058-webhook-workflow - Sending additional data within new Stripe Customer request (name, phone, description, invoice prefix, shipping, tax info etc.). - Saving contact's first and last name correctly from Stripe Customer object. - New HubSpot fields 'outstanding amount' and 'all payments' added. - Handling PayPal's discountId in webhooks and saving transaction discount to the database.

February 2019 Updates

- Possibility to add Stripe tax when creating a subscription. - Added option to send custom footer text on Subscription's invoice.

January 2019 Updates

- Subscription plans list ordering alphabetically from A-Z on Form Builder and HubSpot CRM extension pages. - Setting fallback for Stripe charge when mode is not provided in request (making old version of PayPal backward compatible). - Handling HubSpot API contact update request failure in case user connection is invalid, by taking next user connection and re-trying. - Updating to latest Stripe API SDK version in order to fix decimal coupon values. - New HubSpot properties added (Discount and Last Transaction Date).

December 2018 Updates

- Fixed workflow enrollment for contacts with "+" sign in email. - Handling PayPal webhooks with status "Pending" and "Denied".

November 2018 Updates

- Set contact direct billing property URL instead of redirection one. - Currency is parsed from PayPal's webhook and it'll be the same as provided in the DepositFix form currency parameter. - PayPal recovery mechanism to take payer's email as fallback in case form's email wasn't submitted correctly or validation was broken. - Pagination added to Contacts page. - Pagination added to Sale Transactions page. - Added payment processor information (Stripe / PayPal) on HubSpot timeline event data. - Added payment type information (Test / Live) on HubSpot timeline event data. - Automatic import of all Stripe Customers, even the ones created before integrating with DepositFix application. - Automatically re-run failed transactions. - Billing profile page for updating customer's credit card details. - Improving the performance of Contacts updating.

October 2018 Updates

- PayPal "Single Payment + Subscription" payment type implemented. - Transaction ID link removed on HubSpot timeline event for PayPal transactions. - Importing of all Stripe Customers for specified Portal. - Added new Contact property "created" in order to have information about Contact's creation date. - Fixed error when sending empty product name to Stripe API.