We help Nonprofit organizations to increase number of returning donors by using HubSpot integrated donation system

DepositFix allows to accept donations with HubSpot forms by integrating Stripe and PayPal

We helped our clients to earn $46,292,039 via HubSpot forms

What our clients say


There was no integration with HubSpot for payment activity, we were constantly watching PayPal account to know when a donation had been made and then log it to the donor’s account. 

The result was a time-consuming process in which a significant number of hours were spent checking and managing payment information, and fundraising efforts lacked the core data needed to inform who had donated, who had visited key landing pages and when those actions occurred. 


Online payments volume was just 10% of total payments in 2017 - the rest were handled manually. In 2019, after implementing DepositFix, that number jumped to 53%.

I can’t imagine running organization without DepositFix. They treat us like royalty - it’s so easy to bring a question about whether something can be done and they come up with a logical solution that helps us grow the organization.

Christine Whittemore

Before we found DepositFix it looked like we might have to write our own payment plugin for HubSpot, which was going to be a lot of extra work.

The first year of using DepositFix, we saw a 17% increase in donation revenue over the previous year.

The donation experience was so much better that more and more people were donating. It was very encouraging for us.

Union Gospel Mission

We are a nonprofit and needed a payment system that was simple, affordable, customizable, integrates with our CRM (HubSpot), and customer service since we always have questions since we have no tech people! We went through several years of using different software until we found DepositFix!!

Perfectly meets our needs! So easy to use! Simple and seamless integration with Hubspot!

The DepositFix Team answers all our questions, makes any customizations needed.. even on weekends! DepositFix makes it so easy for our customers and our staff - which allows us more time to focus on our mission rather than technical headaches!

We are so thankful for finding DepositFix. Our only regret is not finding DepositFix earlier!

Erik Fogel
New York City Urban Debate League


Provide the best payment experience to your donors
When you spent a lot of energy to attract people to you donation page and they are ready to donate – don’t lose them. DepositFix helps you to provide you supports the best payment experience.
Effectively analyze where to spend your marketing budget
Use integrated marketing tools to bring more attention to your mission – you already have HubSpot – the best product on the market. DepositFix feeds all necessary payment data to HubSpot, so you can have a clear picture of which fundraising campaigns and marketing activities generate the most donation volume.
Recover expired credit cards to keep your monthly donations
DepositFix will automatically notify your donors with expired/failed credit cards and provide a unique donor profile page where they can update credit card information and continue recurring gifts.


Accept Donations with HubSpot Forms

DepositFix dynamically adds payment fields to your HubSpot forms. Payment information goes to Stripe and other user data is sent to HubSpot at a single click.

Full Sync of Donation activity to HubSpot

DepositFix adds new contact fields to HubSpot, so you can search and segment your contacts by a fund they donated to, donation date/amount and others.

Donor Billing Profile

Billing Profile allows your donors to see the full list of donations, cancel recurring donations and updated credit card information.

Setup Post-Payment Workflows

Send personalized emails after the payment: 'thank-you' emails, notifications to billing department, etc.

CRM Extension

Stripe CRM extension shows all past payments and recurring donations from Stripe for a relevant contact. It's easy to refund transactions and cancel payments without leaving HubSpot CRM.

Other Features

Integration with deals, option recover processing fees by donor, pre-populated forms.


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Meet the team

Denis Lunev
E-commerce consultant with more than 10 years of experience in software development for variety of companies (Blue Cross Blue Shield, Discount Tire and others).
Arian Vivero
Customer experience and support expert. Has over a decade of front end and leadership tenure in service and sales in the financial industry: Wells Fargo.
Nikola Jovanovic
Nikola's trademark in software engineering is the ability to create very robust and scalable solutions and keep DepositFix infrastructure up and running.