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How Leighton Interactive Team Is Using DepositFix for Selling Event Tickets Through HubSpot
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How GovNet Achieved Seamless HubSpot Payment Integrations & Custom Enhancements With DepositFix

GovNet is an events management company that’s been in business for 25 years. They organize award-winning exhibitions, conferences, and training courses for various sectors such as education, technology, justice, and healthcare. Each year, they lead 650 events for private and public sectors.

How DepositFix Helped CTEF Increase Online Payments from 10% to 53% through HubSpot

Before coordinating with DepositFix, there were several ongoing challenges faced by the CTEF team. While they were actively using HubSpot, they found that they consistently didn’t have the transparency and visibility needed to track payments.

How Leighton Interactive Team Is Using DepositFix for Selling Event Tickets Through HubSpot

How Abundance 360 Team Is Using DepositFix for Membership Payment Renewal in HubSpot

Abundance 360 is Peter Diamandis' mastermind group. Each year, he curates a list of 360 CEOs, entrepreneurs and executives who are interested in understanding how to leverage the latest technology platforms and use disruptive and innovative ideas to solve big problems these leaders see in the world, their businesses and their lives.

How Union Gospel Mission, a Non-profit Organization, Increased Online Donations in HubSpot

Union Gospel Mission had several issues with their website that limited its effectiveness as a fundraising tool. The existing site couldn’t handle the traffic generated and the donation process was unintuitive and unstable. Because of these challenges, UGM migrated to HubSpot COS - which offered a more reliable, efficient solution that could scale to match their promotional efforts. 
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