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How GovNet Achieved Seamless HubSpot Payment Integrations & Custom Enhancements With DepositFix

How GovNet Achieved Seamless HubSpot Payment Integrations & Custom Enhancements With DepositFix

GovNet is an events management company that’s been in business for 25 years. They organize award-winning exhibitions, conferences, and training courses for various sectors such as education, technology, justice, and healthcare. Each year, they lead 650 events for private and public sectors. 

GovNet transitioned from homebrew CMS to WordPress and sought HubSpot integration. Despite initial challenges with payment solutions, they adopted DepositFix for its HubSpot compatibility, customizable forms, Stripe payment integration, and data transfer features. This collaboration streamlined registration, improved user experience, and led to improved internal adoption rate of the whole infrastructure, enhancing ticket access and upselling opportunities.

The Challenge 

GovNet historically used homebrew CMS and Microsoft Dynamics. They had registration forms but didn’t have bespoke solutions for them — solutions that they severely needed. When Ron Doobay joined the organization as CTO, he made a case for a HubSpot migration. They also wanted to switch from their in-house CMS to WordPress. HubSpot would be used to create dynamic registration and payment forms.

Unfortunately, HubSpot didn’t have payment solutions integrations. They were also taking revenue share as part of their deal with GovNet. With the client’s high-value products, it wasn’t practical to use HubSpot as it was. Ultimately, they needed a solution that could integrate with Stripe as a payments provider while also creating deals in HubSpot. 

If GovNet didn’t find a solution to solve these pain points quickly, they’d face tough challenges. Reduced sales were one of them. On top of that, users could become frustrated due to the subpar forms they might get. The lack of integration between HubSpot and GovNet’s system would also result in difficult bookings. Eventually, it would lead to loss of sales.

The Solution

Fortunately, GovNet found DepositFix…and they had many reasons to choose DepositFix over the alternatives they’d considered. 

First, DepositFix was in the HubSpot marketplace. Comparing it to other solutions, DepositFix was the most feature-rich and ticked all of GovNet’s boxes. For one, DepositFix took payments and allowed GovNet to customize forms — DepositFix used existing HubSpot forms and enhanced them. The solution also had configurable elements, multi-currency support, and more.  

With the help of DepositFix’s development team, GovNet was able to do the following:  

  • Collect more information from the registration process. 
  • Capture multiple delegates based on the number of tickets selected.
  • Create mandatory fields for users to fill out. 
  • Streamline the end users’ experience.
“Because we have high-value products, it didn’t make sense for us to use HubSpot without the payment integrations we needed. I searched for solutions to see how we could take payments using Stripe while still being able to create deals in HubSpot.” — Ron Doobay, GovNet CTO

Favorite Features 

  • Excellent audit logs and support when issues occur
  • Consistent pricing and no unreasonable increases 
  • Competent development and support team 
  • Seamless HubSpot integration
“I don’t think there would’ve been another solution that would enable us to do all that…to react to challenges as we encountered them as quickly as DepositFix’s team did it.”
Ron Doobay
GovNet CTO


At present, around 90% of GovNet’s user base use HubSpot — a significantly higher rate than when they were using Microsoft Dynamics, which was used by only 10% of their users. It serves like a full ERP system rather than a CMS. 

Moreover, the ease of access to tickets has improved by around 10%. Upselling is simpler than ever. Overall, GovNet’s investment in DepositFix has totally paid off. Future DepositFix clients should enjoy a competent service in terms of HubSpot integration, team flexibility, and development support. 

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