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DepositFix allows you to set up flexible subscription billing for Stripe and PayPal payments using HubSpot forms and engage your users with  post-purchase workflows
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Selling courses or coaching memberships?

You’re already using HubSpot for marketing and sales, but are you leveraging its full potential to be your all-in-one hub and engagement platform? How do you know who paid, which course attendees have access to which membership and whether payments failed? DepositFix is the only integrated payment solution that gives you a full control of your customer payment data right inside HubSpot.
Abundance 360 Community by Peter Diamandis
"We signed up for DepositFix because of the ease in which it worked, it had all the capabilities that we needed, the fact that it integrated so seamlessly with HubSpot and that we didn't have to have another third party involved or any other coders or anything was really what made that decision for us."
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Randy Milanovic
Kayak Online
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Quickly Set Up Checkout Pages with HubSpot Forms
DepositFix dynamically adds payment fields to your HubSpot forms. Diversify your online payments: offer coupons and advanced pricing options including subscriptions, memberships, one-time payments, addons, and more.
Full Sync of Payment Activity to HubSpot CRM
See who purchased what and when - and engage those users with new sales offers based on their past orders. You already have HubSpot – so why not use it to its fullest potential?
Customer Billing Portal
Our billing portal allows your customers to see the their past payments, add or change a subscription and update credit card information.
Offload the Heavy Lifting to Us
Run any kind of automation after the payment: receipt emails, integrations with other systems, notifications to the billing department about failed payments, etc.
CRM Extension
Our Stripe CRM extension shows all past and recurring payments from Stripe right on the HubSpot contact page. It's easy to refund transactions and cancel payments without the hassle of leaving HubSpot.
No Sales Tax Troubles
No matter where your customers are, we take care of calculating sales tax for you (VAT, GST, HST), all thanks to our TaxJar integration.


Starting at $190/month
Unlimited transactions/forms
HubSpot CRM extension
Multi-currency support
No contract. Cancel any time
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Meet the team

Denis Lunev

E-commerce consultant with more than 10 years of experience in software development for variety of companies (Blue Cross Blue Shield, Discount Tire and others).

Miha Ambroz

Miha is our renaissance man. He's passionate about support, sales, consulting, marketing, data analytics, video production - and especially helping others.

Nikola Jovanovic

Nikola's trademark in software engineering is the ability to create very robust and scalable solutions and keep DepositFix infrastructure up and running.
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