2022 in Review at DepositFix
2022 was a productive year for DepositFix, where we started working on exciting new things, that will lead to the brand new, advanced DepositFix 2.0. What DepositFix 2.0 will be like in 2023? It will be an advanced billing and checkout platform for creators and coaches that outgrew their billing platform like Samcart.

The Freshest CRM Statistics You Need to Be Aware of to Properly Prepare for 2023

If there is one thing that CRM statistics from the recent years have shown, it's that delivering true value to the customer should be at the center of your business. That's where customer relationship management comes in. So let's see what we learned so far!

The Latest Marketing Automation Statistics and Predictions for 2023

The end of 2022 brings fresh insights into the latest marketing automation statistics which you can use to prepare your marketing strategy for 2023. Check them out!

Establishing a Pricing Structure for Your Coaching Business

Many enter the coaching industry with dollar signs in their eyes, aware that a lifetime of expertise can be monetized quite effectively in this space. But it’s not as easy as putting up an ad and asking people to pay thousands of dollars for your time. An effective coaching business must establish credibility, show value, and provide a wide range of products and services based on the resources your ideal customers have. This starts with a value ladder that takes into account the spectrum of possible clients and customers you might have, and the potential products you can sell.

3 Ways to Increase Conversions and Create Better Payment Experiences with DepositFix and HubSpot

DepositFix and HubSpot work seamlessly together to let businesses take payments, build an efficient checkout flow, keep customers happy, and track their success.

How to Migrate from PayPal to Stripe

PayPal is relied on by more than 31 million small businesses, with many running their entire business through the platform. But for many of those businesses, PayPal comes up short in addressing key challenges, especially for those that offer subscription services and products. Ecommerce businesses that sell goods on subscriptions, service-based businesses, and those that offer digital resources may find that PayPal lacks some of the more robust features they need. That’s where Stripe comes in.

How to Recover Failed Payments in Your Coaching Business

A successful coaching business can be a highly profitable, sustainable long-term enterprise, but several recurring problems can create bottlenecks to growth. One of the most substantial of those issues is recovering failed payments.
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