2020 in Review at DepositFix

2020 was the year of ALL events when it felt like history was being written and unfolded in real-time.

Here at DepositFx, we continued to create some pretty amazing stuff, all with your amazing support for DepositFix.

Here are a few new features that were requested by customers just like you, so let’s talk about some good news we have for you.

1. 👀 Brand New Look!

We give DepositFix a little facelift with our brand new UI for your improved user experience! Check new version here.

2. 📄  Form Landing Pages

DepositFix now allows direct form landing pages without embedding your form in any other page.

3. 💰 Offline Payment

Process payments offline (payment by purchase order, mail checks), with the Offline Payment option. This allows collecting customer information without credit card or payment information. 

4. 📛 Rename Labels

Change the labels of all DepositFix form elements directly on the form builder itself. You can use this feature to translate the text on specific labels or change the text to match your terminology or branding. 

5. 🧮 Automatic Tax Calculation

Calculate sales tax dynamically, based on location! You can use this feature to determine whether your customers should be charged tax or not and how much. DepositFix takes care of that for you automatically; using our integration with TaxJar, the form will automatically check the location (this works for all countries) and determine the tax amount accordingly.

6. 💳  Separate Payment Fields

Customize your payment process and show separate fields for the card number, expiration date, and CVC.

7. 🤑 HubSpot Deals Integration

When enabled, this integration creates deals automatically with every successful DepositFix transaction. The new deal will be associated with the HubSpot Contact specified in the submitted form (using the email field).

8. 🧾🧾🧾 Clone Forms

Cloning forms allows you to build form templates or clone forms to avoid repeatedly creating the same forms and eliminate any errors. The clone form feature saves you a lot of time and effort and ensures that your forms are cloned correctly. 

9. 💵💵 Default Recurring Option - Donation

When creating a donation product, you now have the option to select the default recurring option (i.e., one-time or monthly). The default option will be pre-selected when the form loads, making it easier for you and your customers to process donations.

All these efforts could not have been possible without you, so we want to thank you and wish you happy, warm, and safe holidays! Bring it on 2021!

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