Want to Join a Truly Genuine Team Culture?

You’ve probably seen hundreds of ABOUT US pages and they all look the same - photos/videos of people drinking, snowboarding and acting like one big happy “family”. But if you’ve worked for any of those companies, you’ve seen it’s just a big charade to cover up the endless grind. That’s not us.
Values first
At DepositFix, our values guide our work (and not the other way around). We’re the antithesis of a corporate work environment, because we’re relaxed, humane and approachable. We’re also not your typical startup where you’re expected to work overtime just to meet overambitious investor goals (we’re 100% bootstrapped btw).

Yes, you might not get the latest MacBook or unlimited beer (we’re not big on drinking) - but you’ll get to work in a company that’s genuine. You’ll get to be yourself (no pretending). You’ll get to work as much as you want (no overtime). And you’ll get to learn and develop at your own pace. Here are some of the things we stand for:
We enjoy work
We do not approve of working overtime. 40h/week or less is the norm.
We do not work when we are sick or have any other personal struggles. We openly let others know so the rest of the team can jump in and be supportive.
We are open if we don’t like something about our job/tasks/role. We do not hold off sharing dissatisfaction until it’s too late. Our purpose is to have a team of people who enjoy what they do and are here for the long run.
We take full ownership
We follow through on our commitments and deadlines.
We do not leave work half-done. Work is done when it’s done 100% and shipped.
We do not pass the buck or dump our work on others.
We are not satisfied knowing that something works; we want to know why it works or why it didn’t work before.
We do not depend on authority
We are not a top down organizationa where “the boss” tells everyone what to do. Instead every team member is expected to stand on their own feet and take full responsibility for planning and executing their work.
We do not hesitate to openly share feedback or suggest improvements. There are no repercussions for being honest about what we think or feel.
We encourage having opposing views as long the feedback is constructive and respectful.
We see clients as our equals
We are on the same team as our clients. When talking to them, we think of ourselves as sitting next to them and not across the table. Our goal is to help them be better at what they do.
On the other hand, we do not feel subjugated to our clients (remember, we see each other as equals). We do not blindly act on every request, but set clear expectations and boundaries. We also feel confident suggesting alternative solutions to what the client originally proposed.
We’re okay with mistakes
We are not perfect and are open about that. This is a must and it allows us to innovate and grow.
We do not sweep problems under the rug. Whenever we notice something isn’t right, we immediately share it with others. Then everyone can work together towards a solution.
We learn from our mistakes. Understanding why a mistake happened helps prevent repeating it in the future…
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