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How Abundance 360 Team Is Using DepositFix for Membership Payment Renewal in HubSpot

How Abundance 360 Team Is Using DepositFix for Membership Payment Renewal in HubSpot

Abundance 360 is Peter Diamandis' mastermind group. Each year, he curates a list of 360 CEOs, entrepreneurs and executives who are interested in understanding how to leverage the latest technology platforms and use disruptive and innovative ideas to solve big problems these leaders see in the world, their businesses and their lives.

  • Founded in 2012
  • Curated group of 360 members who run businesses ranging from $10M to $10B+
  • 3-day annual summit
  • Covering topics like AI, Computation, Robotics, 3D Printing, Sensors, Networks, AR/VR, and Blockchain


Each year, Abundance 360 has a renewal time when all current members are encouraged to renew their membership. But when the community switched to HubSpot, there was no easy way to make renewal happen on the existing website. In order to facilitate the group’s big ideas with real and longstanding impact, something had to be done. Many collaborators were going to fall through the cracks unless the Abundance team found a way to continually engage with them through an easy path to membership renewal.

"When we switched to HubSpot, we were either gonna have to switch over to all wire payments, which is completely manual and is a big hassle or hire a developer."


Now, come renewal time, the Abundance 360 team uses DepositFix on a simple landing page integrated with their app so that no one is left to “figure it out” or worry about swiping credit cards. The growing network of innovators and business leaders are empowered to continue their work, and Peter Diamandis has seen the ongoing productivity of the team skyrocket.

"We signed up for DepositFix because of the ease in which it worked, it had all the capabilities that we needed, the fact that it integrated so seamlessly with HubSpot and that we didn't have to have another third party involved or any other coders or anything was really what made that decision for us."

Favorite features

  • Quick landing page integration
  • After-payment workflow automation


Abundance 360 has been able to support a more future-oriented approach to all its projects with an easy landing page solution that has facilitated collaborators staying on board for the long-haul. Membership renewals are simple and secure, and the group can continue pioneering in all their innovative work.

"We have been doing this event for years. Our normal renewal rate for the event was about 65%, now it increased to 80%! I think it’s because of the ease people being able to renew their membership."
Kelley Lujan
Director Of Operations
"The integrated payment form that is easy to change on the fly, very simple clean setup and has all integrations features. So DepositFix just was really a good fit for our product and what we were looking for."

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