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How Leighton Interactive Team Is Using DepositFix for Selling Event Tickets Through HubSpot

How Leighton Interactive Team Is Using DepositFix for Selling Event Tickets Through HubSpot

Leighton Interactive is an inbound marketing agency based in central Minnesota that hosts the annual event One Squared. The company serves clients across industries, including technology, manufacturing, healthcare and more. One Squared was brought to life as an opportunity for leaders from all corners of the market to come and hear specialists in content marketing speak. Leighton Interactive wanted to stretch their wings and show their own leadership in the space, and stakeholders in other industries came to learn and grow – professionally and personally.

  • Inbound marketing agency
  • Platinum HubSpot Partner
  • Hosting an annual marketing event


When Leighton Interactive started hosting One Squared, the event was free for attendees. Not requiring so much as a registration fee was a way to kick-start the idea and get visibility, but to keep the event going they had to move to a paid registration model in 2018. They got set up on Eventbrite for ticketing, but they weren’t able to integrate with HubSpot. What’s more, Eventbrite didn’t promote sharing, and without the HubSpot integration the company wasn’t able to leverage retargeting through Google Ads and Facebook. To register, users had to navigate away from the One Squared site, and their advertising options were hog-tied.

The company only had two things to sell for the event: admission tickets and VIP access. They started looking for other payment options, and the list grew short as they looked for the one HubSpot integration that would give them same-domain processing power and all the retargeting that would come with it.


Leighton Interactive found DepositFix when they looked for HubSpot certified payment solutions, and the deciding factor was same-domain payment processing. The setup on DepositFix was straightforward, and in short time One Squared was updated with a slick registration page integrated fully with their HubSpot website.

Leighton Interactive was able to track the source of all traffic to the event site and payment form, on top of conversions from Google Ads and Facebook. They also set up a customized thank you page and confirmation email. And with all the personalization, they were finally able to nurture attendees from the first time they landed on the site to well after they checked-out.

“We can customize the Thank You page (which we could not do with Eventbrite) so you can have more nurturing elements built in.”

Favorite features

  • Checkout on the same domain
  • Customizable thank-you page
“DepositFix is a HubSpot partner, that was a big deal for us, so anyone that submits a form gets submitted to HubSpot right away – and then from there we contribute our workflow to send out a thank you email; and then we have them in a list for further nurturing down the road.”
Travis McGinnis
Technical Marketing & Support Lead


It was a big deal for One Squared that all forms submitted through DepositFix were immediately updated to HubSpot. From there, Leighton Interactive was able to automate attendees’ experience to the thank you page and into email campaigns for long-term nurturing for future events. With a system in place to send information year after year to a growing list of names, the company’s sights are set on breaking 200 regular attendees this year and next.

One Squared is not your typical business seminar or marketing event. The speakers, topics, and experience at One Squared have been strategically selected to feed your marketing mind with ideas to grow your expertise, grow your business, and grow yourself.

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