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Lesson 11: Running reports in HubSpot

Lesson 11: Running reports in HubSpot

DepositFix's latest update enhances reporting capabilities with advanced filtering options, detailed transaction analysis, and data grouping features. You can now access revenue insights over customizable date ranges, drill down into specific transactions, export data to CSV, and view comprehensive sales details per product and contact. This update streamlines financial analysis, enabling more informed decision-making.

This new version provides users with a comprehensive overview of revenue over selectable date ranges.

Key Features Include:

  • Advanced Filtering: Users can filter data by various criteria, including products, discount statuses, and more.
  • Data Grouping: Organize data by different objects, such as specific forms or discounts used.
  • Detailed Transaction Analysis: Drill down into specific transactions, for instance, viewing sales of a particular product in a specified month.
  • Export Capabilities: Easily export detailed transaction data to a CSV file for further analysis.
  • Sales Insights: Access total sales per product directly on the product pages and view associated contact sales information.
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