#03 Creating payment forms

Creating a DepositFix form will allow you to append payment options to an existing HubSpot form

#03 Creating payment forms

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Before getting started

What's important to understand about DepositFix is that part of it lives inside HubSpot system. The moment you as a merchant connect DepositFix, we create different custom properties for contacts and deals. DepositFix needs those custom fields to run properly. DO NOT DELETE THEM! It will break the integration.

Creating forms

Once you're inside DepositFix (app.depositfix.com), you'll be able to create a new payment form for debit and credit cards. You can take any form from your HubSpot account and transform it into a payment form by appending payment options to it. If you don't have any HubSpot forms created yet, we also created one for you when you connected DepositFix to HubSpot.

After you've chosen the HubSpot form, you'll be able to add different kinds of product and product combinations. These include single payment products, subscriptions, donations, offline payments and optional add-ons. We also let you change the product quantity, apply discounts and charge taxes. To make things easier for you to understand and to see how customers will view the forms, you get side-by-side view from the back-end and the front-end.

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