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Lesson 10: Deals in HubSpot

Lesson 10: Deals in HubSpot

DepositFix lets you create deals after each payment to store your customer's payment history

Lesson 10: Deals in HubSpot

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Enabling automatic deal creation

This option is switched off by default, so you'll need to enable it under DepositFix settings. You can choose which pipeline and stage the deal gets created in. After enabling this option, every payment will also automatically create a deal in HubSpot.

Where does the payment information get stored?

The product name becomes the deal name and the total value the deal amount. Just like with the contact, DepositFix also creates a payment section on the deal properties. The custom fields contain information about the order such as amount, quantity and payment method.

Why is this useful?

We've re-purposed HubSpot deals so you can better handle your transactions and use them as payment receipts. Similar to a payment history, the deals give you insight into all of the customers financial transactions. HubSpot also has some pretty neat reporting in place - you can use it to report on the deal values to track your revenue stream.

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