Building a Comprehensive Year-End Solicitation Strategy

Amy Wong
Amy Wong shares valuable insights on creating a year-end solicitation strategy for nonprofits. Learn about segmentation, multi-channel approaches, and the importance of relationships.
November 12, 2020

Amy Wong is president and founder of Dot Org Solutions, a marketing and fundraising consulting firm based in Ohio. Amy has nearly 30 years of fundraising and marketing communications experience in the nonprofit sector and is a frequent speaker on a variety of nonprofit topics.

Dot Org Solutions is a strategic marketing and fundraising consulting firm that takes the frustration out of fundraising and makes marketing manageable for nonprofits. Dot Org became a member of the HubSpot partner program in early 2020 and works with nonprofits in a variety of sectors - education, healthcare, social service, the arts and mental health.

Three Key Session Takeaways

  1. The importance of segmentation
  2. the importance of a multi-channel approach
  3. Relationships matter

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