Nonprofit Content Marketing for the New SEO

Jacqueline Lalley
Explore Jacqueline Lalley's insights on nonprofit content marketing for modern SEO. Learn about topic clusters, improved traffic strategies, and best practices for content publishing in the nonprofit sector.
November 12, 2020

Jacqueline Lalley co-founded Yodelpop in 2011 to make the world a better place every day with sustainable marketing. She was director of communications for a national nonprofit, and has served on several boards and on the American Marketing Association's nonprofit conference planning committee.

Yodelpop is a sustainable marketing agency and HubSpot partner agency combining world class technology with thoughtfully established and fully executed strategy. We create experiences that engage, delight, educate and inform in a respectful and humanizing way.

Three Key Session Takeaways:

  1. Your nonprofit can get better traffic, contacts, and supporters by using these processes and tools in HubSpot.
  2. Here's how SEO has changed best practices for nonprofit content publishing and what you should be doing in response.
  3. Topic clusters are a must for attracting visitors and converting them to supporters. Here's how to do them.

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