Using ABM to Drive Corporate Donations & Sponsorships

Mandy Thompson
Explore ABM strategies with Mandy Thompson to boost corporate donations and sponsorships. Learn about HubSpot's ABM tools, Sales Navigator, and creating custom content for donor engagement.
November 12, 2020

Mandy Thompson is a born problem solver with a love for the technical and the creative. Whether taking off for a solo, self-drive trip in a far flung corner of the world or taking on a monumental marketing or tech task for a client, challenge and adventure are always welcome in her world.

Digital Reach Online Solutions has been providing holistic, data-driven solution to nonprofits and small businesses for the last 8 years. We pride ourselves in finding solutions for any budget and delighting our clients with unique answers to all of their digital challenges.

Three Key Session Takeaways:

  1. ABM: How to Use Hubspot's ABM Tools
  2. Understanding Sales Navigator
  3. Custom Content for Driving Donations

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