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March 2020 Product Updates

March 2020 Product Updates

- Deals Integration - Switch to test mode from specific page - Clone Forms - Separate Credit Card Fields - Default recurring option for donations

Deals Integration

For every new transaction (including recurring), DepositFix will automatically create a deal with a 'closed' stage. Then you can use those deals to run attribution reports in HubSpot.

DepositFix x Hubspot deal integration

The created deal will have the following properties:

Deal name: This is the product name, in case the form has multiple products or addons, then the name will be a comma separated name of multiple products.

Amount: This is the amount of transaction.

Close Date: This is the date the form was submitted.

Stage:  "Closed won".

Associated Contact: This is the contact who submitted the form.

You can specify custom deal properties as well - check the help doc about it here:

Switch to Test Mode for specific page

You can now test your live forms on your landing page itself, without having to switch your environment or re-connect your stripe accounts by using a URL query parameter. This is particularly good if you're looking to test a new change, or debug an issue with your live page, or test the full customer experience. In order to do this, you need to simply add "?df-test=true" at the end of your page URL.

DepositFix test mode via URL

Clone Forms

The duplicate form will copy all the settings from the original form, including the HubSpot Form, product names and types, prices, and callbacks, styles, as well.

Clone DepositFix forms

Separate Credit Card Fields

You can now separate fields for the card number, expiration date, and CVC.

Separate credit card fields

More details:

Default Recurring Option for Donations

When creating a donation product, you have the option to select the default recurring option - one time or monthly.

Recurring option for Donation products

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