Free Billing Software

Manage your billing efficiently without cost barriers using our Free Billing Software, perfect for startups and small businesses. Experience essential billing features that simplify invoicing and payment tracking.

Capabilities of Free Billing Software

Basic Invoicing Module
Offers fundamental invoicing capabilities, ideal for small businesses or freelancers. This module allows for the generation of simple invoices and tracks basic billing information.
Simple Payment Tracking Module
Provides basic functionalities for tracking payments and managing due invoices, suitable for users who need straightforward financial tracking without complex features.
Client Data Management Module
Handles basic client information, enabling users to associate invoices with specific clients and maintain organized client records for billing purposes.

Highlights of Free Billing Software

This isn’t just a free tool; it's a stepping stone for small businesses to manage finances effectively. It allows businesses to maintain professional billing practices without incurring additional costs. As businesses grow, you can transition to more advanced billing solutions that DepositFix has to offer.

Key features of Free Billing Software

How To Choose a Free Billing Software

Surprisingly, some free software offers integrations with popular accounting software, though with limited capabilities.

Features and Functionality

Look for features like:

  • Tax calculations
  • Payment tracking
  • Invoice creating
  • Client database management
  • Integrating payment info into CRM to capture some of that payment metadata. 

Security and Data Protection

You’d be surprised how many software providers out there don’t do security at the level they promote or promise. I’d suggest you try and educate yourself on the security items you need to comply with and not just take “yes” as the answer and dive deeper and ask more questions about security before checking off that box. 

Ease of Use

And I’m not just talking about user-friendliness and nice user interface, but test how your team will navigate the tool before committing to it.

Free Billing Software Is Designed For:

Small Business Owners
Sole Proprietors
Clients served via DepositFix
In revenue earned by DepositFix customers
Products and services sold via DepositFix


What is Free Billing Software?

DepositFix is designed to meet the basic billing needs of small businesses and freelancers. It offers essential functionalities such as invoice creation, payment tracking, and basic financial reporting. Ideal for businesses with straightforward billing processes, it offers a user-friendly platform to ensure efficient and accurate billing operations.

Schedule a 30-minute consultation call with DepositFix team and see how you can improve your payment processes. You'll be surprised how much value you can get on this call.

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