Inbound Marketing Methodology for Nonprofits (in-house edition)

Katie Appold & John Heritage
Executive Director of DO MORE GOOD/Owner of Evenbound, DO MORE GOOD + Evenbound (Evenbound is a Hubspot Agency that works with DO MORE GOOD
November 12, 2020

Katie Appold is a nonprofit expert, writer, and executive director of DO MORE GOOD, a nonprofit that curates and creates content on marketing, communications, and fundraising for nonprofits. She is joined by John Heritage, owner of Evenbound, a digital marketing agency that works with DO MORE GOOD and helps organizations maximize their digital presence for growth.

DO MORE GOOD creates and curates content that helps nonprofits to maximize their marketing, communications and fundraising so they can #domoregood.

Three Key Session Takeaways:

  1. Why having an in-bound strategy should be a priority for nonprofits, and why it is critical since the onset of COVID-19
  2. How nonprofits can leverage an in-bound strategy in-house. A big team is not required.
  3. The five things even the smallest team can do to get started or re-started with an in-bound strategy
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