Billing Software For Small Business

Our Billing Software is specifically designed to simplify invoicing, payment processing, and financial tracking.
More than a billing tool, DepositFix serves as a financial assistant for your small business. It offers insights into revenue trends, expense tracking, and budget management. As your business grows, your billing system will evolve to meet your needs.

What is Billing Software For Small Business

DepositFix streamlines the billing processes, saving time and reducing errors. It's perfect for managing and automating invoices, tracking payments, and analyzing financial data. The software includes features like automatic invoice generation, online payment options, and real-time financial reporting. Ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners, it helps in maintaining cash flow, improving customer relations, and making informed business decisions with comprehensive financial insights.

Capabilities of Billing Software For Small Business

Online Payment Processing
Automated Invoicing
Expense Tracking
Trust Accounting
Financial Reporting
Client Management

Highlights of Billing Software For Small Businesses

Key features of Billing Software For Small Business

How to Use Billing Software For Small Business

Billing Software Is Designed For:

Small Business Owners
Independent Contractors
Service Providers
Clients served via DepositFix
In revenue earned by DepositFix customers
Products and services sold via DepositFix

Billing Software for Small Business Companies: Top 5 Options

1. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is known for its intuitive interface and clear terminology. It offers scalable plans, with the higher-tier ones providing unlimited proposals and bank reconciliation features. If you want to use more advanced payment options, upgrade to the Plus plan and add the Advanced Payments feature. 

Even though transaction fees apply for FreshBooks payments, the company seamlessly integrates with other payment gateways such as PayPal. An excellent solution for self-employed people looking for invoicing software with accounting features. 

2. Zoho Invoice

This cloud-based invoicing solution is completely free and offers many features, like time tracking, project billing, and online payment acceptance. It allows users to easily handle item and customer information, generate quotes and credit notes, create personalized invoices, and track expenses. 

While being a billing software for small businesses, it also offers a client portal for simple customer interactions, generates reports that provide insights into financial performance, and integrates more than ten payment gateways. Yet, it restricts users to only having five customers per account. Then again, you can use 1,000 customizable invoices per year.

3. QuickBooks Online

Probably most well known, QuickBooks Online offers tipping options and recurring invoices and accept Venmo, ACH tracking, and card payments. Still, the Plus plan or higher provides better invoicing features, like incremental client payments and expense marking as billable. 

The company’s powerful reporting and transaction tracking with receipt photo matching and automatic mileage tracking via the mobile app is a standout feature. Although no free option is available and the plans are priced higher, the software integrates with numerous apps, including POS systems and payroll software. However, additional costs apply to automatic time-tracking software.

4. Xero

Xero is a billing software for small business with almost 4 million subscribers. It provides many solutions like payroll, core accounting, project management, and expenses. Its ecosystem includes apps and bank connections, which aid in financial management. It has compliance tools and practice management software that helps accounting practices. The platform’s key features include: 

  • business dashboards
  • automatic data entry
  • online billing
  • automated financial reporting
  • smart bank reconciliation

At the same time, there’s no free option, and cheaper plans have limits on invoices and bills. If you want to use advanced features, such as time tracking and mileage, you have to pay for the priciest plan. 

5. Square Invoices

Square Invoices is an amazing solution available for free or at a low cost. It suits in-person and online transactions and caters to many business types. It offers consistent processing rates, no matter which plan you choose. 

The company supports recurring billing and unlimited invoices, yet the paid plan offers extra features, like milestone-based invoicing and custom fields. Square Invoices seamlessly integrate with other Square products, facilitating point-of-sale options and inventory management.

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