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Latest DepositFix Product Updates

Latest DepositFix Product Updates

- Form Builder option to inherit CSS styles from HubSpot. - Enhanced Billing Profile - Pre-defined donation amounts - Moving donation amount to the top of the form - Allow donors to cover processing fees

DepositFix was very busy in the past couple months, working to finalize several key improvements before the end of the year for our Form Builder and Widget.

Form Builder Can Inherit CSS Styles from HubSpot

You can now inherit the original HubSpot CSS styles you created in HubSpot on your DepositFix form. Form the DepositFix builder, click on "Advanced Options", and check "Apply original Hubspot form styles". ‍

DepositFix forms can inherit CSS from HubSpot forms

Enhanced Billing Profile

We’ve implemented a suite of new billing profile features to improve the user experience. We’re excited to provide a more customizable solution for your fundraising efforts:

  • Personalize the billing profile page with your organization’s name and logo. 
  • Allow users to cancel recurring subscriptions at any time from the billing profile page. They can now see a list of all recurring subscriptions and cancel them accordingly. This is an optional feature, so can be added when it suits you and your customers.
Enhanced Billing Profile

Addon and Quantity implementation

Give your customers greater control over how they order from your website with addon and quantity selection options. Within the form builder, you can now enable ‘Allow to change quantity’ for each form on which it makes sense to do so. 

Additionally, add-ons can be included with specific purchases, and the quantity changes will impact them equally. 

Addon implemented for Subscription Products

Create and include addons for your subscription products. Include a bonus service or other addon for main products or services, all directly within the DepositFix form builder. To do so, create a new subscription product and check “Addon”. 

Features for Nonprofit Organizations

We’re excited to announce several new features specifically for Nonprofit organizations as well.

Pre-defined Donation Amounts

Nonprofit organizations can now set predefined donation amounts in the form to make it even easier for customers to complete. This has been shown to increase donation amounts and is now easier than ever to implement. 

  • Create up to 6 quick gift buttons, with customizable amounts based on your campaign.
  • Set a default button that is automatically selected when a prospect first sees the form. 
Pre-defined donation amounts

Moving Donation Amount to the Top of the Form

Show where you want to the amount field to appear on your form using the "Put donation field on top" option in the Form Builder. 

When checked, this option will move your donation amount field to the top of the form. This will only work for donation forms when "donation" is selected as the product type.

Move donation amount to the the top of the form

Allow Donors to Cover Processing Fees

Encourage donors to cover the processing fees of their donation by checking "Ask to cover processing fees" in the DepositFix Form Builder.

This is only available when “donation” is selected as the product type.

Allow donors to cover processing fees

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