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How to display custom error message in HubSpot form

How to display custom error message in HubSpot form

HubSpot form has native validation and error message display, but sometimes you need to display a validation message not just for each field, but for entire form.

Unfortunately, HubSpot form API doesn’t provide a callback for failed validation.

But here is the workaround: we know that HS form inserts an element with an error message, so we can monitor that element after form being submitted:


       formId: 'c3794ad3-f6a7-4c98-841d-98062636baab',
       portalId: '1670983',
       onFormReady: function($form, ctx) {

           var errorMessage = "Your Error Message";

               var sbmt = $(this);

                   if($(".hs-error-msgs").length > 0){
                       //Put message on the top
                       $form.prepend("<div class='form-error-message'>" + errorMessage + "</div>")

                       //Put message on the bottom
                       sbmt.parent().prepend("<div class='form-error-message'>" + errorMessage + "</div>")

               //delay to make sure native hbspt form error already appeared
               }, 300);

   .form-error-message {
       color: #ff0000;
       font-weight: bold;
       padding: 15px 0px;

You can display your message on top or on the bottom.

Here is a working example of this kind of form:

This functionality will be included to the SmartForm plugin we are developing:

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