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Creating an Ecosystem of Marketing for Coaching Businesses (with Alex Morris)

Creating an Ecosystem of Marketing for Coaching Businesses (with Alex Morris)

Learn how to create an ecosystem of marketing to find and engage audiences, collect data, nurture prospects and move them further down the funnel in this podcast episode of Great to Elite with Alex Morris, owner of the digital marketing agency for coaching businesses To The Moon Digital.

What is the story behind To The Moon Digital and how do you help coaching businesses?

We are a full done-for-you digital marketing agency, focusing on social media ads and creating predictable lead-generation systems for coaches.

We like to work with coaches who have achieved a degree of success organically already because when they get to that point, they’ve proven that they can create some awareness around their product. But when they come to us and we start doing paid ads, a funny thing happens. They realize that the systems they use to sell to their organic followers don’t work the same way anymore. 

When you target a cold audience with ads, it is easy to get attention. But to convert people who have never heard of you, you do need that really unique offer. Whilst a lot of the coaching businesses have a great offer already, we often have to tweak it and to make it really stand out in a cold marketplace. 

How can coaching businesses really stand out in a cold marketplace?

What we actually start off with is why people are clicking the ad in the first place. What is the big idea that makes your coaching business different? We can’t compete with influencers who have millions of followers, so we need to do something special. And this is where coaching businesses can struggle.

Example of evolve and succeed -  a coaching business’s offer that stands out

What is the process of making coaching businesses your clients?

We have a systemized onboarding process. When our clients first come in, we have a vague idea of the strategy we’ll go for. This is our process:

  • We send them an onboarding questionnaire with a few different forms in there. And one of the forms is the perfect target market questionnaire. So, we can see their offer and their target market. 
  • We take these answers they’ve got about their clients, their current situation, their reality, their desired outcomes, their problems, and their challenges, and put them into our ultimate offer creation formula. 
  • We create a pretty generic headline. That headline is how to go from the current reality to the end result.

For the first marketing campaigns that we run, we are laser-focused on solving that one problem.

What is the call to action that works for coaching businesses?

Pure educational products aren’t working as well as they used to, like an ebook. No matter how valuable the ebook is, it is never going to work as well as some form of a template, implementable document, or action steps that people can take. These copy-and-paste, plug-and-play, implementable action steps are the best way to go because then there’s an upsell that we can do. 

The next thing is how we move someone from downloading something off the internet to actually wanting to speak with us on the phone. People today are extraordinarily busy and they don’t want to spend 60 minutes on the phone with you. But, if we go ahead and say: “Hi Darren, I know that you’ve downloaded my clean cash flow. How about we actually take you through setting up that cash flow template? We can help you do it live over the phone, and then we can show you how to use it so you can do it even faster every single week.”. So, making the call to action over the phone is very congruent with the actual lead magnet they’ve downloaded. It is very simple to get people onto the phone because all you’re doing is just continuing the process of why they are here in the first place.

Once you’ve done that first phone call, the second one becomes a breeze because you can dig further into their goals. That becomes your sales situation.

Alex morris’s quote about writing the right offer as a coaching business

What technology can coaching businesses use after they have the leads?

The first thing to do is figure out what systems and processes they are already using. The next step is to figure out how they like to sell to their clients. Some people love DMs, and some love building a Facebook group and making offers in it.

We have to get people from clicking on your ad to your Facebook group as quickly as possible. We have systems that we follow with every client to build awareness ads to increase engagement.

Key takeaways from this podcast

Systematization and automation of things are very simple, but you have to know how those systems work. If you spend a lot of time building a good system, but no one clicks on your ad, it is just a big waste of time. So, we launch things quickly, prove that they work, and then add on more bells.

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