The Most Advanced Payment Integration for Hubspot


Payment Methods
Accept Payments via Credit Card, PayPal, Apple/Google Pay, ACH, or Offline.
Flexible Payment Options
One-time payments, subscriptions, payment plans, add-ons, donations, deposits (collect credit card now, charge later).
1-click upsell
Increase sales and boost your revenue with by upselling products.
Embed or Use Payment Links
Embed payment form to any website or use public payment links provided by DepositFix.
Sales Tax
Static tax – charge flat rate on all purchases. Dynamic sales tax – based on location of the buyer, covers VAT, GST, HST, PST and US sales tax down to specific zip code.
Discount Codes
Integrate Stripe native coupons or create custom ones limited by count, dates, products.
HubSpot form with payment


Sync with HubSpot Contact Fields
DepositFix creates a dozen of additional payments fields, so you can search and segment contacts by any payment data points.
Bring Existing HubSpot Forms
No need to create new forms and map fields back to HubSpot, we just use HubSpot forms to take payments in the first place. Plus, you can still track conversion rate in HubSpot.
Integration with Deals
Automatically create HubSpot deals on every transaction. Run revenue native reports in HubSpot.
Direct Integration with Stripe
Bring your existing Stripe account and customers to DepositFix, we can even migrate all of the payment history to HubSpot.
Stripe Metadata
Bring HubSpot fields from the payment forms to Stripe, so you can run financial or accounting reports.
Sync Any Stripe Transactions
Don’t want to use DepositFix checkout, but still need to sync payments to HubSpot? No problem!
Stripe HubSpot CRM extension


Use your HubSpot lists to control access to members-only areas on any website builder.
HubSpot CRM Extension
Perform billing operations and financial transactions without leaving HubSpot CRM: start new charges, issue refunds, cancel subscriptions.
Customer Billing Portal
Save time of your support team by allowing your customers to securely manage the billing on their own: update credit card information, change subscription plans, see payment history.
Multiple Users
Invite any team members from your company to manage DepositFix.
Billing Portal for Stripe Payments


Trigger HubSpot Workflows
Automate the post-payment tasks: send receipt emails, notify internal team on failed transaction – anything you want to automate with the context of payment information.
Trigger DepositFix from Workflow Actions
Automate billing operations – create new charges, start or stop subscriptions – all as a step of a HubSpot workflow.


Custom Styling
Take the full control over the look of your forms – either with provided style builder or custom CSS.
Custom JavaScript
Need something more advanced? Run your custom JavaScript on form render or submission.
Advanced Scenarios
Like staged forms, step-based pricing based on quantity or purchase dates? Check our Gallery of Examples.
Done-for-you Customization
Work with our team to customize the payment experience for your specific needs.
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