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Best HubSpot COS Tools to Power Your Social Media Strategies

Best HubSpot COS Tools to Power Your Social Media Strategies

Discover the top 5 HubSpot COS tools for social media marketing. Enhance your online presence with effective content sharing, monitoring, and analytics.

Developing a website (and ultimately a blog) is the first step towards reaching out to the majority of customers. However, expanding your online capabilities to reach out to social media users can help you promote your bottom line. It’s a fact that social media marketing has revolutionized the whole of the marketing landscape.

One way the social media platforms can promote your bottom line is by helping you to interact with your customers. When you go through the tweets and Facebook updates, you’ll be in a position to understand your customer base—what’s commonly known as persona profile in digital marketing. Once you understand your persona profile, you’ll be in a position to craft strategies that address their needs.

As a marketer, you should look out for the best tools that can help power your social media marketing strategies. In “5 HubSpot’s COS Best Tools that Can Power Your Social Media Strategies” we explore some of the best marketing automation tools that can help power your social media marketing strategies. Let’s dive in.

HubSpot’s tools for enhanced social media marketing

Here are the best 5 tools that you can use on your HubSpot for enhanced social media marketing:

#1: Social Media Inbox

Social Media Inbox

If you share tons of content on social media platforms, remembering login information for all your clients can be a herculean task. Instead of logging in manually to each of your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Instagram), the HubSpot’s Social Inbox can help you organize these accounts.

The HubSpot’s Social Inbox is a powerful and intelligent social media tool that connects to your entire contacts in the database and merges them with social media interactions in your organization. When you use this tool, you will be in a position to not only publish to all your social media platform accounts, but you also monitor various interactions with any customer in the database.

Besides, you’ll also automate the process of setting up your social Inbox which can send you alerts and other push notifications when one of the leads mentions your competitor on social media platforms. With these alerts, you may respond directly with a link to the blog article so that you demonstrate that your organization can offer better services compared to your opponent.

#2: Social Monitoring

Social Monitoring

An effective digital marketing strategy is one that allows a marketer to connect with customers at a personalized level. Remember, understanding your buyer persona profile is key to crafting strategies that creates products/services that address their needs. When you incorporate the HubSpot’s Social media monitoring tool, you’ll be able to listen to Twitter conversations that are relevant to the growth of your business.

In essence, the Social Monitoring tool helps you to track all the Twitter messages, follow all the contact lists, and respond to all your social media updates. In fact, you can now create streams and interact with all your prospects, leads and customers.

#3: Social Media Publishing

The HubSpot’s Social Publishing tool allows you to post to all the social media accounts in your organization. Remember sharing the content with your prospects, leads and customers is one way to generate traffic on your blog or website. Therefore, any social media marketing strategy must involve content sharing.

With this tool, you can attach links to all your blog posts, images, landing pages and other types of content. By attaching links to all the content you’re creating, you can promote your social media content to all your leads and customers.

#4: Social Media Reporting

You’ve scheduled and published your social media content. You’ve gone ahead to engage with your social media followers. So, what next? You need to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Social media reporting can help your measure how your marketing efforts.

For instance, you may want to compare the social media activities between the current month and the previous month for different social media platforms. Also, finding out which social media platform is outperforming others. Fortunately, the HubSpot’s Social Media Reporting can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

#5: Social Media Settings

Different social media platforms require different publishing schedules. For instance, Facebook may require fewer publications of the same content on a given day compared to the Twitter. As a marketer, it’s important to distinguish these publishing schedules. The HubSpot’s Social Media Settings can help you manage all your social media accounts and their different publishing schedules.

Even before you start using your HubSpot’s social media tools; it’s important that you connect all your social media channels to your HubSpot COS. Since each social media platform will require different interactions with HubSpot, it’s important that you set up your HubSpot COS before starting to create and publish content.

Putting it all together

A well-crafted digital marketing strategy must involve social media marketing. Therefore finding the best tools that can help you manage your social media content is vital to the success of your marketing efforts. That’s why you need to incorporate HubSpot’s social media tools such as Social Inbox, Publishing, Monitoring, Reporting and Settings to attain your bottom line.

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