2020 in Review at DepositFix
2020 was the year of ALL events when it felt like history was being written and unfolded in real-time. Here at DepositFx, we continued to create some pretty amazing stuff, all with your amazing support for DepositFix.

September 2020 Product Updates

- New Timeline Events and Workflows - Offline Payments - Share Forms - Rename Form Labels

The Eventbrite Alternative for HubSpot Users You’ve Been Waiting for

2020 forced the event industry to pause or to pivot to online meet-ups and events. Eventbrite is the usual go-to for event organizers and it has served them well for in-person events. However, online events are a different breed and they need a different approach, one that can be fully integrated with HubSpot.

Nonprofit Marketing Using HubSpot: The Ultimate Guide (2020)

In today’s age, any nonprofit organization needs a specialized marketing system that solves its nuanced challenges. The need for intuitive marketing in nonprofit organizations is as much as in a for-profit one, if not more. Appealing and convincing multiple stakeholders (volunteers, donors, etc.) at scale needs tactical marketing and state-of-the-art marketing automation.

Sales Tax Calculation

With DepositFix, you can calculate sales tax dynamically, based on your location (sales tax nexus) and the location of your customers. Thanks to our integration with TaxJar, you don’t have to worry about different tax rates.

March 2020 Product Updates

- Deals Integration - Switch to test mode from specific page - Clone Forms - Separate Credit Card Fields - Default recurring option for donations

How to Choose the Right Donations Tool for HubSpot

Learn how to choose the right donations tool for HubSpot, bypassing ineffective out of the box and custom integration solutions for one that unlocks the full power of the platform.
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