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HubSpot Stripe & PayPal
DepositFix helps you integrate your HubSpot with Stripe and PayPal allowing you to accept payments through HubSpot.
HubSpot Payments Made Easy
Click, click, done. That's how quick and easy it is to integrate your Stripe account with HubSpot using DepositFix.
Bank Level Security
Your revenue is safe with us. Each month, we secure $1,000,000+ in transactions from some of most respected companies.
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HubSpot Payments Integration: Payment processing made simple

HubSpot payment method
Accept Payments with HubSpot Forms
Use your existing HubSpot forms to accept payments. Track form conversion rate, use any custom fields, pre-populate values – whole power of HubSpot forms with added payments.
card payments
Flexible HubSpot Payment Options
Allow your customers to pay with credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, Google or Apple Pay gateway. Whatever you need to accept donations, charge subscriptions or limited payment plans, track discount codes and fees – DepositFix will cover that.
bank account
Customer Billing Portal
Save time of your support team by allowing your customers to securely manage the billing on their own: update credit card payment method, change subscription plans, see payments history.
payments tool
Automatically Sync HubSpot Payment Data to Contacts and Deals
No more Zapier or manual data updates. All of the payments information is synced to HubSpot contacts and deals, so you can search, segment and run reports inside HubSpot.
payment transaction
Run HubSpot Workflows after Payments
Use the power of HubSpot workflows to automate the post-payment tasks: send receipt emails, notify internal team – anything you want to automate with the context of payment information.
hubspot payments refunds and fees
Billing operations right from the CRM
You don’t have to give your team access to Stripe. Manage subscriptions, refunds, cancelations right from the HubSpot CRM using DepositFix extension.
payment processing tool
Other Payment Tool Features
Stripe Subscriptions, dynamic amount transactions or recurring plan specified by your customers.

When to use DepositFix over HubSpot payments

When you already use Stripe and want to keep all existing customers credit cards and subscriptions.
When need to use any other Stripe integrated payments tool.
We even provide migration service and can import all of your historical transactions from.
You also want to provide additional payment options: PayPal, Google/Apple Pay.
You operate outside of the United States (HubSpot Payments currently only available in US).
You are a non-profit organization and need to accept donations.
Need a self-serve billing portal for your customers to track their payments, change subscriptions and update credit cards.
Need to take discount codes.
Need to automatically add sales tax based on the customer location.
Need more customization around the styling and dynamic pricing changes on your payment forms.
Need to create complex HubSpot workflows triggered by payments - to send custom receipts, update CRM data or integrate with other systems.
Membership that works outside of HubSpot CMS.
Need ability to charge customers later – either manually via CRM extension or automatically Workflow actions.
Upsell products.
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