#06 Applying discounts

Set discount codes, amounts, the number of redemptions or free trial days for subscription payments

#06 Applying discounts

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Creating discounts for one-time payments

Discount codes for one-time payments are set in the Discounts section inside  DepositFix.  When creating a new discount, you can set the discount code and the discount amount. The latter can be a fixed amount, a percentage discount, or a number of trial days (that means offsetting the charge for a certain amount of days). It's also possible to set an expiration date, the number of redemptions or tie the discount to just one specific form.

Creating discounts for subscriptions

The discounts you set inside the DepositFix app don't apply to subscription payments, but only to one-time payment products. Discounts for subscription services can only be set in Stripe. The setup is very similar to DF's one-time payment products, only that "Discounts" are called "Coupons" in Stripe. The rest is pretty much the same - all you have to do is set the discount code, the discount type and the amount.

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