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3 Ways to Increase Conversions and Create Better Payment Experiences with DepositFix and HubSpot

3 Ways to Increase Conversions and Create Better Payment Experiences with DepositFix and HubSpot

DepositFix and HubSpot work seamlessly together to let businesses take payments, build an efficient checkout flow, keep customers happy, and track their success.

Taking payments online is a must-have for many types of businesses and organizations, so it’s important to ensure that you’ve got a well-built web infrastructure and the right tools to connect all your systems. It’s a lot more complex than just creating a field for customers to key in their credit card numbers. 

Finding an online payment processing platform that can go above and beyond the basics, letting you calculate location-based sales tax, process subscriptions, take and track discount codes, and automatically upsell within your sales process, can help you bring in more revenue and grow your business. 

And letting customers choose how they want to pay using payment gateways helps prevent cart abandonment by offering all the options, including credit card payments, PayPal, bank transfer, and Google or Apple Pay. This means your customers won’t hit a roadblock when going through your checkout flow—especially if they’re on their phone.

That’s where DepositFix comes in. DepositFix is a secure, easy-to-use payment integration built specifically for use with HubSpot. It helps businesses take payments more easily, keep on top of customer and purchase history with automatic syncing, and maintain consistency with post-purchase communications using triggers and flows that you can set and forget. HubSpot is an all-in-one, powerful CRM system that drives sales, marketing, and support initiatives for companies of all industries and sizes. 

Especially for nonprofits and event companies, there are unique payment challenges that emerge, like yearly subscription renewals, membership drives, and time-bound ticket signups and payments—and when your systems don’t work together, like DepositFix and HubSpot do, you end up doing a LOT of manual data syncing. 

Union Gospel Mission has seen excellent results with these platforms: "The first year of using DepositFix, we saw a 17% increase in donation revenue over the previous year," shared Hannah Page, a Web Specialist at the Union Gospel Mission

And getting set up is a breeze: Abundance 360 turned to DepositFix and HubSpot and have found efficiency and clarity from the beginning: 

"We signed up for DepositFix because of the ease in which it worked, it had all the capabilities that we needed, the fact that it integrated so seamlessly with HubSpot and that we didn't have to have another third party involved or any other coders or anything was really what made that decision for us," says CEO Peter Diamandis.

Learn how DepositFix and HubSpot work in harmony to create a better checkout experience for your customers, take the load off your marketing team with automated email flows, and ease the burden on your support team with a self-serve customer portal.

3 Ways to Use DepositFix and HubSpot to Create More Effective Online Shopping Experiences

1. Create custom landing pages that fit your brand and boost conversions.

DepositFix users can embed payment forms on their own landing pages so they have full control over the page layout, content, and styling. No more boring forms in colors and fonts that don’t align with your company’s look: DepositFix forms can help you keep your brand consistent all the way from discovery to checkout.

DepositFix Form Builder

And speaking of checkout, you can customize your payment and product selection structures to keep the process as quick and efficient as possible. That way, customers don’t even need to think twice before clicking Place Order—which helps improve conversion. Plus, though many sites still redirect customers to a third-party payment site, DepositFix allows users to integrate Stripe and PayPal right into the company’s site, which feels more legitimate and professional, increasing customer trust in the brand and minimizing drop-off.

Finally, letting customers pay however they want also increases conversions, so DepositFix lets merchants accept any payment method from bank transfers to Apple Pay.

For example, imagine you run an online company that sells colorful, maximalist jewelry. Your whole website and all your marketing materials are done up with memorable fonts, super-saturated colors, and stunning photography that entices your customers to click and shop. But if they get to your checkout process and find it too long, a little spammy, or disjointed with the rest of your branding, they’ll drop off at a greater rate.

And if you only take credit cards, and no other type of payment, international customers won’t always be able to easily shop your site. DepositFix lets you improve all of these stumbling blocks, creating a quick, easy, flexible, and customized checkout experience right on your perfectly branded website.

2. Set up the perfect flow of communications—and track performance. 

DepositFix allows users to trigger HubSpot automations based on different stages of checkout, like when they put in a new order, or charge, change, or cancel a subscription. 

This means they’re able to automate many billing-related tasks, like sending receipts, notifications about renewal and failed payments, and notifications to internal teams when particular actions are taken.

You can also then automate purchase-centered marketing initiatives, like follow-up emails encouraging customers to review the products they bought, or sharing access to secret sales only available to previous customers. Pro tip: include additional CTAs in all follow-up communication, like social media profiles to follow or similar items. 

And because DepositFix syncs seamlessly to HubSpot, all data about customer interactions and events are kept in one place—so it’s easy to segment audiences, search for information quickly, and run reports on the performance of campaigns, products, or regions. 

DepositFix feed in HubSpot contact view

Example: Say you have a company that sells hot sauce. You’ve built and populated your online shop with HubSpot, and added the DepositFix integration. A customer adds three bottles of hot sauce to their cart and can pay right on your site through Google Pay. Once they’ve placed their order, HubSpot fires off a receipt email automatically populated with the details of their purchase. 

Then, when shipping has begun, the system sends off another automatic email, and another one when the item is delivered. A few weeks later, HubSpot sends off an email asking the customer how they liked their hot sauces, prompting them to write a review or buy another bottle. Your web team can track the performance of every email and every CTA within them, helping to inform the plans for future marketing and product development initiatives. With a seamless post-purchase experience, customers or donors will feel that your brand is trustworthy and be more willing to provide their payment information in the future.

Add a customer billing portal to increase support team efficiency

Support teams have tough jobs. They spend all day (and sometimes all night) responding to customer queries when something has gone wrong, meaning they’re typically dealing with customers who are unsatisfied at best, and furious at worst. 

Ensuring your support team’s skills and time are being used as effectively as possible requires showing your customers how they can help themselves when minor, easily fixable issues emerge. That’s why DepositFix has a customer billing portal where customers can manage their preferences and billing needs on their own, like updating credit card information, changing their subscription plans, and seeing payment history. Linking payments directly to your CRM makes the process even more efficient, reducing manual tasks and improving accuracy.

This reduces the strain on your support team bogged down with very simple, self-serve tasks and leaves them available to deal with any major issues that customers can’t resolve themselves.

DepositFix Billing Portal.

For example, think about what it takes to run a nonprofit that raises funds for healthcare outreach for vulnerable populations. Donors must be found and engaged, their information and donations must be logged and processed, donations must be paid out to the correct entities, and quarterly or yearly campaigns must be run to find new donors and grow the reach of the nonprofit. 

In order to maintain donor happiness, and ensure they’ll keep donating for years to come, having a great support team is critical—especially when dealing with major gifts. But for small issues, like changing from an expired credit card to a new one, or updating a subscription preference from monthly to weekly, donors should be able to help themselves. With DepositFix’s self-serve billing portal, they can do just that, leaving support teams free to deal with complex issues that are worth their time and energy.

DepositFix and HubSpot are secure, reliable partners for your company or organization

Don’t leave the details of your payment processing to chance, choose a payment app that supports better user experiences. Ensure your company or organization’s web infrastructure is ready to handle lots of traffic, sales, and subscriptions with DepositFix and HubSpot.

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