Talks from the DepositFix Nonprofit Summit 2020

Welcome to the Inbound Summit for Nonprofits

Natalie Luneva
Join the Inbound Summit for Nonprofits, hosted by DepositFix. Explore valuable insights on marketing, donor engagement, and fundraising strategies in the nonprofit sector.

Give to Your Donors First: An Online Fundraiser's Guide to More Donations on Giving Tuesday

Nathan Hill
Learn from Nathan Hill of NextAfter on how to increase donations on Giving Tuesday. Gain valuable insights into effective donor engagement and acquisition strategies.

Q&A: How We've Smashed Grassroots Fundraising Goals

Maria Luci
Gain insights from Maria Luci, Beyond Celiac, on smashing grassroots fundraising goals. Learn valuable tips for campaign planning, strategy, and adapting to change.

Exceed Your Facebook Fundraiser Goals

Dana Snyder
Learn from Dana Snyder, CEO of Positive Equation, on exceeding your Facebook fundraiser goals. Discover tips on drafting engaging content, graphics, and generating attention.

How to Protect Your Nonprofit from the Credit Card Fraud

Denis Lunev
Discover effective strategies to protect your nonprofit from credit card fraud. Learn about the risks, impacts, and preventative measures from Denis Lunev, CEO of DepositFix.

Preparing for Giving Tuesday and End of Year Fundraising

Lisa Kagel
Get expert tips on preparing for Giving Tuesday and end-of-year fundraising. Learn planning, collaboration, and messaging strategies from Lisa Kagel, TechnoServe's Digital Engagement Director.

How One Nonprofit Used User-Generated Content and the Power of Storytelling to Raise $25k on #GivingTuesday

Zachary Busekrus
Learn how a nonprofit raised $25k on Giving Tuesday using user-generated content and storytelling. Gain insights from Zachary Busekrus on creating compelling digital fundraising campaigns.

How to Optimize the Year-End Fundraising Experience

Matt Scott
Learn from Matt Scott of CauseMic on optimizing year-end fundraising. Gain insights into digital strategies that enhance donor engagement and maximize campaign success.

Develop Your Sphere of Influence

Michelle Bauer
Michelle Bauer shares strategies to develop a sphere of influence for nonprofits. Learn to identify key donors, engage board members, and optimize matching gifts during campaigns.

Building a Comprehensive Year-End Solicitation Strategy

Amy Wong
Amy Wong shares valuable insights on creating a year-end solicitation strategy for nonprofits. Learn about segmentation, multi-channel approaches, and the importance of relationships.

Rising All Tides: 5 Bold Moves to a Community-Conscious Brand

Caitlin Castevens, Aliyah Weinstein
Discover how to develop a community-conscious brand with Caitlin Castevens and Aliyah Weinstein. Learn five bold strategies for community building and brand growth, along with ROI measurement techniques.

Clickable Call-to-Action Buttons

Lisa Ellen Smith
Learn the art of creating effective CTAs with Lisa Ellen Smith. Explore best practices for clickable call-to-action buttons to enhance engagement and conversions on your website.

How to Catapult Your Giving Tuesday and Year End Giving Above the Competition

Joe DiGiovanni
Joe DiGiovanni from Tapp Networks shares strategies to elevate your Giving Tuesday and year-end fundraising. Learn omni-channel techniques, quick tips for donation boosts, and corporate fundraising automation.

Nonprofit Content Marketing for the New SEO

Jacqueline Lalley
Explore Jacqueline Lalley's insights on nonprofit content marketing for modern SEO. Learn about topic clusters, improved traffic strategies, and best practices for content publishing in the nonprofit sector.

Connecting with Your Audience, Storytelling for Nonprofits

Dan Woerheide
Learn from Dan Woerheide on connecting with audiences through storytelling for nonprofits. Discover key principles for engaging donors and crafting compelling narratives that resonate.

Expanding Reach and Impact by De-Mystifying SEO

Blake Reichenbach
Join Blake Reichenbach in demystifying SEO to expand your nonprofit's reach and impact. Learn practical SEO strategies for prioritizing efforts, creating compelling content, and addressing technical SEO aspects for better online visibility.

Using ABM to Drive Corporate Donations & Sponsorships

Mandy Thompson
Explore ABM strategies with Mandy Thompson to boost corporate donations and sponsorships. Learn about HubSpot's ABM tools, Sales Navigator, and creating custom content for donor engagement.

Why Is Triggered Direct Mail Exploding? (Despite the COVID Crisis)

Dennis Kelly
Discover why triggered direct mail is gaining popularity in marketing strategies during the COVID crisis, with insights from Postalytics CEO Dennis Kelly.

HubSpot as a Fundraising CRM: Automation to Help Small Teams

Ryan Jones
Learn how small teams can leverage HubSpot as a fundraising CRM with automation techniques for high-impact results on limited budgets.

Inbound Marketing Methodology for Nonprofits (in-house edition)

Katie Appold & John Heritage
Executive Director of DO MORE GOOD/Owner of Evenbound, DO MORE GOOD + Evenbound (Evenbound is a Hubspot Agency that works with DO MORE GOOD

Quick Inbound Marketing Wins Nonprofits Can Implement in 2024

Amber Wilcox
Explore quick, effective inbound marketing strategies for nonprofits in 2024, featuring insights from SmartBug Media's Amber Wilcox.